Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Walking the dog

I was shocked by an article I just read in The Daily Mail about a goth guy called Dani, who enjoys leading his girlfriend Tasha around on a leash, who was chucked off a bus by the driver who said, "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on."

No I'm not shocked so much because the bus driver was rude to this besotted couple who go everywhere together joined at the leash. No, it was more the shock of, goodness me, are Goths still going?

Me as a psychobilly (not really) - but I did have a quiff for a while

They were definitely not a London thing when I was growing up. You had to dress like a rockabilly (we called ourselves psychobillies) when I was fourteen, then I went through a parka wearing mod phase, and after that I passed into a kind of Frankie Says Relax vortex of black and white tight skirts and pastel makeup until a hippie phase and finally baggy jeans and aaaacccciiiidd! When I first encountered clusters of goths at university they seemed to me like an alien race, reminding me rather of potatoes left in the dark to sprout. How can white makeup and eyeliner ever be sexy on a man? Can someone please enlighten me? And why are goths either super skinny or fat as hell?

Okay, so Tasha and Dani may have a case, they complained to the bus company of being "victimised" and now their complaint is being "looked into."

Yes, to some degree I am sympathetic, but I also want to say, look love, don't blame bus drivers for taking the piss if you're wearing a fashion that went out in the early nineties.

"It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime," 19-year-old Tasha said yesterday. "I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life. I don't cook or clean and I don't go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It's my culture and my choice. It isn't hurting anyone."

A word to the wise Tasha, your crime isn't being walked on a leash by your boyfriend, it is a crime against fashion. Look at any youth fashion and it has so much more going than the goth look.

Punks were stylish in their day:

As were mods:

So, yes I would have a lot more sympathy for their dog like adoration and being kicked off the bus if they'd been say, wearing skinny jeans and mullets or whatever the kids are wearing these days.

That aside, I don't really fancy being taken anywhere on a leash myself. I wouldn't mind having a sexy guy on a leash maybe this guy, if he ever puts his mixing spoon down (no of course he isn't gay):

What about you, who would you like to put on a long chain and drag around?


Steve said...

At the moment the MIL needs to be put on a short chain... and left tied up somewhere...

I must confess I had a brief brush with the blackness that is Gothdom in my teens but could never bring myself to go the whole hog and wear make-up and dye my hair. I just wore black a lot and listened to the music - still do in fact. Siouxsie & The Banshees are still magic. However, I grew out of it soon enough - and discovered colours! But like you I am amazed to see goths still tramping the streets looking miserable... and wallowing in a fake sense of doom, darkness and depression. But hey - each to their own. We all have to do something as teenagers that will embarrass us later.

Glamourpuss said...

Sadly, Goths have had a bit of a revivial and can be found pretty much everywhere in London these days. Of course, they still congregate in Camden Town, but one isn't surprised to see them even in the West End.

They make me giggle.

And that girl should be more worried about pneumonia than discrimination - walking round like that in January. Silly mare. Maybe her BF should be done for animal neglect.


Tickersoid said...

Usually the guy is tall and thin and the girl short and fat.

I liked the guy on the radio phone-in on the GTA computer game,
"I'm only wearing black until I can find a darker colour."

The leash question? It'd have to be someone really annoyingly gobby like Mel' B, and would only work if it included hand cuffs, a ball gag and stun gun.

Ms Robinson said...

Emma, I would blow up Camden, indeed that will be my first act as dictator; not least because how can any shop put the words Goth/Punk together.

Melissaria said...

Yes goth is definitely making a bit of a comeback in the UK. I'm surprised they haven't called it Nu-Goth, just to make those of who who succumbed to it in 1992 feel even worse about seeing it come round again...I wonder what they listen to now, and whether Sisters of Mercy, and Fields of the Nephilim are still compulsory?

Ah, happy days - even now, if I try on anything in dark purple or green, I get an urge to grab the black eyeliner and hair dye and finish the job. TOO OLD, dammit.

I think guys who dressed like that seemed sexy because it felt a bit subversive and non-conformist at the time. I know, I know, complete bollocks...

Will have a think a bout the leash thing - so many arseholes, so little time.

SpocksVP said...

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Luka said...

Ah, white make-up and black eyeliner...

Add smudged lipstick and stupid hair and I go all starry eyed and start muttering "I love you, Fat Bob".

I had no idea goths were meant to be miserable until years after the 80s. I grew up watching The Cure bouncing around singing Love Cats and thought how jolly these big haired chappies were.

As for that news story, if she were truly a well trained pet she would walk to heel without a lead and he could just carry a rolled up newspaper to bop her on the nose now and then if she misbehaved.

I have no one I'd wish to put on a chain and drag around as it sounds a bit like hard work and I have enough trouble with my actual dog. I would like to put a remote control electric collar on several people though.

EmmaK said...

steve....Yeah, Siouxsie was pretty sexy...I think I had a crush on her!

glamourpuss....Goths are just so...unoriginal.

tickersoid...Hmm, I think Mel B would look pretty damn foxy on a leash.

ms robinson...ah yes, whenever I am having nostalgic thoughts about London I always have to remember that boil on the bum of the Capital, Camden, home to so much fashion-challenged youth. Oh God, can't wait for you to become dictator, when will I be forced to 'vote' for you?

Yes goth is definitely making a bit of a comeback in the UK

Even more than Gordon Brown taking Britain into a recession, the revival of gothism is a sure sign that something is rotten in the State of England.

spocksvp...thanks for your generous offer but surely my tits aren't big enough for me to become the most famous porn star of the city?

luka....I know, putting a chain on someone is the same hassle as dealing with those 'slaves' who say they want to worship you and wash down your kitchen and then you have to supervise them every bleedin second...cheaper and easier to just clean the kitchen oneself.

SpanishGoth said...

Well I would consider myself Goth but I don't feel the need to mope around looking depressed. Yes I wear black mostly - so what?

My Gothic tendencies however preclude the 1980's by a few centuries and are underpinned in art and literature.

As for the silly little girl on the lead - it was actually her idea so in the words of Forest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does"....

spew-it-all said...

A word to the wise Tasha, your crime isn't being walked on a leash by your boyfriend, it is a crime against fashion.

I have to disagree with you in this regard. Who has the right to determine which fashion regime should rule? 19th century dresses for women were attacked as its style shows the women bodies. Yet, it signifies liberation for 'new women'.

BDSM might sound cruel for most people but is it a crime in any sense?

We won't judge any tribal communities by their fashion, because we tend to believe that they are 'different' and can't therefore be compared to ours. I am saying that this goth is similar to tribal people. What i am saying is people get irritated by differences.

EmmaK said...

spanishgoth....I was just saying that personally it is not a look I have ever aspired to but why shouldn't you dress goth if it suits you? have a point, I suppose I was just trying to be funny. I certainly couldn't give a monkies what people wear, that girl looks pretty good for a goth. I just think there is something a bit silly about the whole thing of human dog walking, the couple were trying to get attention I suppose. I couldn't care if they do it though.

toby said...

So embarrassing! It pops up everywhere, that old pic of me cooking in the nude!

My biceps are way bigger now :)

Ron Knee said...

Lincoln is full of goths. You have to step over them on the pavement here. They fill up the university and eat all the food in fish and chip shops leaving nothing for the rest of us.

My cousin Jamie and his girlfriend Monique are goths, he is also ginger. A ginger goth. He has to take tablets to ease his ginger condition.

EmmaK said...

toby....Oh, so that's you! And all the time I though you were a practicer of the love that can't be spoken about: goat love (regarding your profile pic). What were you cooking that time?

ron knee....a ginger goth? Weird. Usually they die their hair black. I believe there is a lot of prejudice against Gingernuts and that we should fight this prejudice together.

jeremy said...

i think the fat goths go goth because they're full of melancholy due to their being fat, primarily. but it could also be the abundance of plus-sized clothing on clearance at the hot topic. who's to say?

if only they'd wise up and find themselves a nice black man. they love fat white women, the black men do.

Melissaria said...

This post reminded me of a show I watched a few years ago on the BBC, called 'Bring Your Husband To Heel'.

Don't believe the regulators - it was sexist. Very funny, though...

Kira said...

emma it is true!
they are SO fat or SO skinny! I will have to send you a link to a skit from saturday night live on youtube called Gothtalk. it is hilarious.
I was nebulously "subculturish", never fully goth or punk or mod or whatever. I guess it saved me from having more embarrassing photos from that time!
hope your trip is going well!